El Dorado Farms provides a broad range of services, from breeding quality thoroughbreds to layup and rehabilitation and nearly everything in between.  Every step of the way we provide excellent care and around-the-clock on-site equine professional staffing.  Our services include:


We carefully select the stallions that stand at El Dorado Farms and welcome your mare to our program.  Our years of experience ensure the maximum safety for your mare and an optimum start for a positive result.


Whether your mare remains at El Dorado or returns home with you, we’re ready to provide our expertise for the foaling experience.  Around-the-clock monitoring and staffing ensure that your foal will be born with expert support and veterinary assistance as needed.

Sales Agency

Many of the owners who breed to our stallions raise their foals at home, and we understand that you may not have a lot of experience in consigning yearlings for sale.  We provide a full range of sales agency services to ensure that your yearling is well-shown prior to the sale, and professionally and gently handled throughout the preparation and sales process.

Nurse Mare Program

Sometimes a mare will reject a foal or not be able to nurse her foal for another reason.  We provide an acclaimed nurse mare program for these foals, starting with grafting to the nurse mare and then monitoring the foal and managing the weaning process.


Many owners use our boarding services either occasionally or full-time.  Our on-site staffing ensures that your horse will be well cared for in our spacious stalls and expansive turn-out pastures.  We have the space for the exercise needed by growing youngsters, excellent grass growing from the excellent soils of the Enumclaw Plateau, and an extraordinarily well-researched feeding program for optimum health.

Layup and Rehabilitation

Performance horses are athletes, and sometimes become injured in training or competition.  When that happens, you need to provide them with layup and rehabilitation that you might not be prepared to accomplish at home.  We provide a wide range of layup and rehabilitation services staffed by experienced professionals with on-call veterinary services around the clock.

Fitness Conditioning

Performance horses need to be in tip-top shape to do well in competition.  As an owner, your farm may not be equipped to keep your athlete as fully conditioned as necessary.  At El Dorado Farms, we are set up to perform fitness conditioning for you.


We always want to do better for our horses and yours.  El Dorado Farms is the focal point for research into equine nutrition and other horse care innovations.  We’re ready to share the benefits of that work with you and your horses.