Sales Agency

El Dorado Farms provides a broad range of sales agency services for owners who are planning to sell yearlings or other horses at the Summer Yearling and Mixed Sale at Emerald Downs.  Your horse will be included in our consignment and well prepared for showing and sale.

From the time you bring your horse to us until the time its new owner takes it home, you are assured that your horse will be prepared and treated as well as our own. It will be boarded with the others in the consignment, receiving the same high-quality nourishment and sales preparation.

We’ll provide exemplary conformation photography for the catalogue and for presentation on our website.

Our consignment travels to the Emerald Downs sales barns a few days before we start showing them to prospective buyer.  This gives the horses time to settle in before showings begin, so that they will be less nervous about their surroundings.

Once showings begin, our staff will handle your horse for prospective buyers.  Before each horse is shown, it receives touch-up grooming and is settled to bring out to the showing area, where it will be handled as the buyer requests as part of his or her individual evaluation process.

When your horse comes up in the auction sequence, our handlers will take it to the show ring at the sales pavilion and walk it for the buyers until it is time for it to enter the auction ring.  The sales staff handlers will take care of your horse in the ring while the auction process takes place.

Once the auctioning for your horse is complete, it will be returned to our handlers, who will bring it back to our sales barn to await its new owner.

If your horse does not meet your reserve in the sale, we will bring it back to El Dorado Farms for you to pick up unless you instruct otherwise.

We would be delighted to be your sales agent, and are available to answer any questions you may have about the process or our commission schedule.  Please use the email link to the left or feel free to get in touch by phone.  We look forward to discussing our sales agency services with you.