At El Dorado Farms, we want to provide the very best for our horses and yours.  New opportunities for improving horse care, conditioning, and management are something we seek, evaluate, and participate in wherever possible.  Our goal is to provide you with the best horse for your needs, and we are actively involved in research that helps make that possible.

Our work in equine nutrition is just one example, and one that provides you with an edge over your competition.  Developed in close coordination and consultation with Dr. Steven Duren of Performance Horse Nutrition, LLC, our nutrition program provides our horses with the nutritional edge that prepares them for developing to the maximum of their performance potential.  Starting from conception with their dam’s nutrition and continuing through their developmental stages on the farm, El Dorado’s youngsters form the best possible nutritional foundation for their performance careers and the rest of their lives.

Please be sure to read his articles on equine nutrition to get a better idea of the kinds of research we are involved with.

Our whole horse, whole life approach to equine management and care is incorporated into every aspect of El Dorado Farms’ operation, and we enthusiastically participate in research projects that result in practices that will support your bottom line as a horse owner.