Layup and Rehabilitation

In the best of all worlds, no horse would suffer injuries or illness.  In our real world, though, sometimes things happen, and a horse will need immediate care, followed by sometimes extended periods of layup and rehabilitation before it can become fully healthy and ready to return to work.  While some owners are able to handle the additional time and work necessary for providing optimal care, many are not equipped to do so.

That’s where we come in.

At El Dorado Farms, our around-the-clock on-site staffing with experienced professionals provides just you need for the layup and rehabilitation needs for your horse.  We work with the best sport horse veterinarians available in the Pacific Northwest, some of whom are located within minutes of our farm.  Our working relationships with referral veterinarian centers and visiting specialists and their support staff give your horse access to the very best advanced long-term care and rehabilitation.

Each horse requiring a rehabilitation program has an individual program that needs to be adhered to for optimal healing and return to training and work.  We are equipped to handle a broad spectrum of individualized program needs and monitor your horse’s progress toward full health.

If your horse needs layup and rehabilitation beyond your capacity to provide, we are your choice for healing. Please give us a call to get started today.