As your mare nears the end of her pregnancy, you will want to prepare for the foaling process.  Many owners prefer to have the foaling take place here at El Dorado Farms, and that’s a great choice to make.

As a mare nears her time, we move her to a double stall in the foaling barn.  Each stall is equipped with video monitoring, and staff are present around the clock to make certain that the foaling will not take place unattended.

Once the mare is ready to foal, our full team gathers to assist, with veterinary support as needed.  When the foal is delivered and standing, it receives colostrum to help boost its immune system and has a health check to make sure everything is as it should be.  Assistance in nursing is provided if necessary.

The mare also receives post-delivery care as needed, and the team provides assistance to help ensure the foal is accepted by the mare.

We recommend your mare and foal remain with us for at least a few days before taking them home.