Fitness Conditioning

Sport horses need to be in good condition and highly fit to perform well in their disciplines.  A horse coming out of layup and rehabilitation needs an extra boost to prepare for getting back to work and in training again.  Yearlings being prepared for sale also need to be fully fit and well conditioned to show their best.

At El Dorado Farms we are equipped to provide your horse with a fitness conditioning program that will get it ready for the more intense program it will enter once it returns to work or enters training for the first time.

We start with our well-researched nutrition program, accompanied by turnout in large pastures where your horse will socialize and exercise with several other horses.  This builds your horse to the baseline we work from.

Then we add in time with our on-site Centaur Equineciser.  Horses work at liberty in their section of the equineciser, allowing them to make full use of their bodies at a variety of speeds, unlike the more restrictive opportunities available with tethered horse-walking devices.

Additional fitness conditioning opportunities are available, depending on the individual needs your horse may have, and the level of fitness required for returning to work.

Please get in touch with us by email or phone when you’re ready for a fitness conditioning program for your horse.  We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your horse’s individual needs.