El Dorado Farms offers boarding services for mares coming to be bred to one of our stallions, mares in foal, and other horses.  If you are out of room at your own barn, or your pastures are too small for the exercise and socialization needs of your weanling or yearling, boarding your horse with us offers many advantages.

Our well-researched feeding program is designed for optimum health and conditioning of youngsters growing into careers as leading sport horses, as well as for the special needs of mares in foal.  Every horse can benefit from our nutrition program.

Around the clock on-site staffing provides you with assurance that any problems will be detected and resolved as early as possible.  This is coupled with highly experienced local veterinarians who are familiar with the farm, our staff, and the horses that live with us.

While there are many places where you can board your horse, our professional staff and ability to access highly qualified veterinarians, farriers, and other equine professionals provide you with an added sense of security and well-being for your horse.

If you are in need of boarding services, please give us a call today.