About Us

El Dorado Farms, WA

El Dorado Farms is a full-service thoroughbred breeding farm located in Enumclaw, Washington.  Situated on the fertile Enumclaw Plateau with Mount Rainier as a stunning backdrop, the farm produces some of Washington’s finest thoroughbreds.

The farm features around-the-clock staffing by highly experienced professionals, many of whom bring decades of experience to our breeding and horse care operations. Our clients come from nearby and from all over the world.

The caring staff at El Dorado Farms welcome you to our family and look forward to meeting your needs.


With a track record of producing many of Washington’s best Thoroughbreds, El Dorado Farms brings quality and attention to detail to every aspect of producing sound athletic performance horses. From conception to starting gate and beyond, we address every opportunity for success.

Located on Washington’s Enumclaw Plateau, with its stunning views of Mount Rainier, our eight farm locations offer a unique level of flexibility in providing for every stage of a horse’s development and conditioning. Our nutritional program, the result of many years’ intensive research, is key to maintaining and improving overall health and stamina.

The caring staff at El Dorado Farms provide the foundation that produced horses such as Washington Horse of the Year and  record setter Sabertooth, 2009 Washington Champion Knight Raider, 2010 Washington Champion Slew the Man, 2012 multiple Grade 2 stakes winner City to City, and many more.

You are making an investment when breeding or purchasing a performance horse, because you are raising a powerful athlete. You will be asking your horse for its best, so we give our best from the very beginning. We lay down the blueprint to produce a stakes winner from well before the mare is bred. Our goal is to grow correctly balanced Thoroughbreds, working to avoid problems that can develop during pregnancy and early development.

We work first for the horse, and for your success with your horse and the fun you will have with a quality Thoroughbred. We want to see your smile in the winner’s circle, and our attention to detail will get you there.